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Should you take your house off the market during the holidays?

Winter HouseThe holidays are a busy time of year for everybody — buyers and sellers — and there are traditionally fewer houses sold during this time.  So is it a good idea to take your house off the market during this period?  Realty Times recently answered this question with a resounding “NO!”.

There are several reasons why you should NOT take your house off the market during the holidays.  These include:

– The house is NEVER going to sell (to another homeowner) if it’s off the market.  This may be obvious, but it’s true!

– Many people, including buyers, take off work during this time and are browsing for houses.

– If people are looking to buy during the holidays, you know they are SERIOUS buyers!

– Many relocating buyers are in a hurry to buy a new house and get their children settled in before the start of the school year.

– During the holidays, showing your home in it’s festive and warm holiday-decorated state can help buyers envision the house as their own.

– Reduced inventories and motivated buyers means your house has a good chance of being seen.

Conventional wisdom may suggest taking your house off the market during the holidays is a good idea, but as we see above the opposite is true!

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