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How to Spot Termites in Your House

how-to-get-find-termitesHouses in Birmingham are susceptible to termite infection due to the climate and the fact that the ground does not freeze in the winter.

How do you know if you have a termite infection?  The below items are highlights from this article.  Here are some telltale signs to look for:

* You hear them in your walls in the form of faint movement or a tapping sound.

* You see their droppings.  Termites tend to leave their feces outside your walls, while they remain inside.

* You have soft spots or dark stops in your wood (including trim, deck foundations, etc).

* You have mud tunnels or mud piles.  These will be near your foundation.

* You see small holes in your walls.

* You see wood damage, such as wood floors drooping, buckling, or sagging.  There may be sawdust present.  You may also see discolored or blistered wood.

* You see ripples or dirt channels in your walls that go up the length of the drywall.

* You see ant-like insects with white wings.  Sometimes these will be a whole swarm that appear all at once.

Needless to say, termites can do some major damage.  It is important to have treatment and repairs done by professionals to ensure your house is not destroyed.

Below are a couple examples of properties that we were involved with that had very bad damage from wood destroying organisms.  This house was less than 10 years old!

IMG_20140702_152250 IMG_20140702_152329

If you believe you have a termite infection and are not interested in dealing with the problem, call us at 205-390-1050.

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