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Have Pets? Here are some Tips for Selling Your House

dog.in_.the_.house_.2You may love your furry little friends, but when it comes to selling your house on the market to another homeowner they are more of a liability, unfortunately.   If you can successfully remove the evidence of pet ownership, you increase your odds for selling your house quickly (or at all!).

Here are several tips for you to help sell your house when you own pets:

– Relocate your pet while your house is on the market.  Preferably, this could be another stable home environment.

– Do not leave pets home during showings!  This is obviously very risky — not only could your pet escape or injure somebody, it could immediately turn a buyer off who may otherwise be interested in your house.

– Remove any pet odors using enzymatic cleaners such as Urine Goneor Nature’s Miracle.  Be careful not to go crazy with any other room sprays or plug-ins!

– Have a professional floor cleaning done

– Remove litter boxes and any trace of litter.

– Put away all pet paraphernalia — this includes food bowls, leashes, toys, pictures of the pets, etc. (while you’re at it, remove your personal photos as well).

– Make sure the Realtor didn’t include any pets in the photos they posted to the MLS.

– Pick-up droppings in the yard

– Make sure there are no fleas in the house or in the yard around the house.  Talk about an immediate turn-off!

If your house has significant pet damage and you are not interested in going through the labor intensive and potentially expensive process of repairs, give us a call at 205-390-1050 or visit our website at  We buy houses as-is, which means we do not care about pet damage (let us fix it — it’s what we do!).  We buy in the Birmingham metro-area, and can close quickly with no hassles.

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