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5 Tips for Selling Your House Fast for Top Dollar

Sell Your House Fast in Birmingham Alabama - Here's how!
Sell Your House Fast in Birmingham Alabama – Here’s how!

If you have a house you are looking to sell, there are certain things to bear in mind if you want it to sell quickly.  We cover 5 of these key factors here.

1) Price it Right:

This is probably common sense, but this is the #1 factor in selling your house fast.  The more competitively the house is priced, the faster it will sell.  On the other hand, the higher it is priced, the longer it will sit.  Make sure the house is priced based on “comps” (comparable sales) in the neighborhood.  Make sure the houses you are comparing to are truly comparable.

2) Make it Ready to Show:

If you want it to sell fast and for top dollar, your house better be in tip-top shape and ready to show to prospective buyers.  Any work you are doing on it needs to be done, and the house needs to be staged and cleaned up.  Be sure to remove any “out of the ordinary” furniture or decorations, and avoid overly personal things such as large family portraits, etc.  All of this should be done before any buyer sets foot in your house, and before any marketing picture are taken.

3) Advertise It!

Advertising on the local MLS with a Realtor (“listing” the property) is your best bet if you want to sell for top dollar.  This works best if your house is in tip-top shape, and you are comfortable holding onto the house during the generally long process of being on the market, negotiating, and moving towards a closing.  You will get the most eyeballs on the property using this method.  However, be sure to advertise it on other sites and social media, such as Facebook and Zillow.

4) Focus on Location Location Location:

Highlight the benefits of your area and be sure to include those in your marketing.  Talk about nearby schools, parks, businesses, etc.

5) Be aware of financing options:

When a buyer comes to you, you will want to know that they have a good financing option behind them.  It may be worth learning a little bit about the current financing options that are available, so you could help steer any potential buyers in the right direction.   It is critical that any buyer is pre-approved for financing before you put your house under contract with them.

If going through the time, cost, and effort of getting your house to sell this way is not what you are interested in, call us at 205-390-1050 to discuss how we can buy your house fast for cash.  We buy houses in Birmingham, Alabama and the surrounding areas.  If you want to sell your house fast, we have several options available and will always clearly discuss the various options that best fit your situation.  Call now or visit now!


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