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17 Steps to Prepare for a Home Inspection

We have previously written about tips on preparing for a home inspection, and here is yet another perspective on this important aspect of selling your house the conventional way.

The inspection is often the time when a deal with your buyer will fall through, either because the repairs scare them off, or they demand that you make so many of the repairs for them that you decide to back out.

Here is a summary of several steps to take to avoid this hassle.  Real the full article for more details:

1. Clear Access to all critical areas, such as electrical box, hot water heater, heating/air units, attics, plumbing, etc.  Anywhere an inspector can’t go will raise flags for your buyer.

2. Clear all Clogs.  Check all the drains in your house and ensure they are draining correctly.

3. Make sure all light bulbs are working.  If a bulb is out, an inspector may assume it is a greater electrical problem.

4. Replace your air filters.  Dirty filters may indicate that you are neglecting other things as well.

5. Ensure you have complete working smoke detectors in your house, and test them all.  You should have a smoke alarm on every level of your house.

6. Observe Grading.  Make sure that ground slopes away from your house to avoid water issues.

7. Check Cracks in windows and screens, and repair as necessary.

8. Take care of pest control – especially potential wood destroying organism.

9. Cap off all unused pipes or lines, such as gas, chimneys, etc.

10. Trim Your Trees, especially those overhanging your roof.

11. Disclose any known issues such as asbestos and lead, because you can be assured they will otherwise come up in the report.

12. Flush all toilets to ensure they are working properly.

13. Check all outdoor outlets, in addition to indoor outlets, and ensure they are working.

14. If you have any cracks in your walls or foundation, get them checked by a professional before your inspection.

15. Open and close all your windows and doors to ensure they are working property and not creaking or loose, etc.

16. If you have an old inspection report from when you bought the house, go through the issues that were found then and make sure they have been taken care of.

17. Hire a Professional to do your repairs, if there is anything that you are unfamiliar with fixing.

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