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10 Ways to Kill Your House Sale

If your house looks like this, it is likely taking a LONG time to sell.
If your house looks like this, it is likely taking a LONG time to sell.

Some homes sell quickly when put on the market, and there are many reasons for this.  A lot more houses will tend to sit on the market for a long time.  If you are finding this is a problem for you, here are several potential problems that you may have with your house that are preventing the sale.

1. House has Excessive damage

This can be from generally not keeping the house up. or from vandalism or a party, etc.  If you are going to sell your house like this, you better price it to reflect this.

2. Carpet in the bathroom

Wow, seriously?  This is basically like having some type of moldy pee-pad.

3. Large stains

Whether from pets or a punch bowl, take care of any unsightly stains.  At the end of the day, new carpeting isn’t all that expensive.  Look into putting some new carpet down.

4. Pet smells

The sense of smell is the strongest of all the senses.  People will have a deep reaction to smelling pet odors, and will forever associate it with your house.  It’s time for some deep cleaning, and possibly new flooring and new paint on the walls.

5. Barking Dogs

This is a huge turnoff, and you would be surprises at how many people this turns away from houses.  Unfortunately this goes for your neighbors as well, so you may need to have a conversation with them about putting their dogs away if you are trying to sell your house.

6. A dead or torn-up lawn

When you hear “curb appeal”, think “first impression.”  Having a burnt, dead, torn-up or muddy lawn is not helping in this department.  A mess in the front yard also often equates to a mess inside the house in the buyer’s mind.

7. A bad real estate agent

Not all agents are created equal, and perhaps you have one of the “less equal” ones.  Perhaps they are rude, uncommunicative, misinformed, lazy, or all of the above.  Ask for some successful references from people you know to find a better agent.

8. Your house is a pig-sty

If your place is an un-kept mess, picky buyers will pass your your house and move on to the next one.  If you don’t take care of basic housekeeping, you probably don’t take care of major house upkeep as well.  This reflects very poorly on your house.  Stuffed closets and pantries also make your house appear to have less storage space that it really has.

9. Your are unreasonable

Even if you think your house is in great shape, the inspector is likely to find some issues that need to be addressed.  If you refuse to do necessary repairs such as plumbing, electrical, or heating & air repairs, you may just run off your buyer.

10. Bad Decorating Taste

If you house is terribly out of date or you have some wacky decorating tendencies, you may be turning away a lot of buyers who will have trouble seeing through these issues.  Buyers are famous for turning away from houses for simply not liking the color of a particular room!

If you have a house you need to sell in Birmingham, and you are tired or dealing with issues like those discussed above, call us at 205-390-1050 or go to now and tell us about it.  We buy houses in all areas, conditions, and situations.  We buy throughout the Birmingham area.



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