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10 Tips for a Smooth Home Inspection

homeinspectionThe best thing about getting your house under contract is that you have crossed a large hurdle towards selling it.  The worst thing about getting your house under contract is that it’s now time for an inspection!

The inspection is where the buyer will bring in an inspector who will find both justified and ridiculous repair items that the seller will use to negotiate with.  Most everyone in agrees this process can be a dreaded hurdle.

Below are several suggestions on how to prepare for having as smooth a home inspection as possible.

1. Confirm that all utilities are turned on, and any gas pilot lights are lit.

2. Repair or replace any known items ahead of time.  Look at all the hardware in the house (door knobs, locks, etc), damaged sheet rock, appliances, windows, rotten wood, etc.

3.  Make sure all light bulbs are working.

4. Install new air filters.  As with all these suggestions, do this to create the impression that your house has been well maintained.

5.  Test all smoke alarms and make sure they have fresh batteries.

6. Make sure the inspector has easy access to all of your heating and air equipment, electric panels, water heater, attic, and crawlspace (if you have one).

7.  De-clutter to the greatest extent possible to allow the inspector to see everything and not create the impression that hidden repairs may be lurking.

8. If you have any fence gates, panels, hatches, or other doors that are locked, make sure they are unlocked.

9. Cut back any tree limbs or large bushes away from the roof, and make sure other shrubberies are not touching the house.

10. Just like when you are showing the house, make sure that pets (and preferably all evidence of pets) are removed from the house during the inspection.

Following these tips should help you put your best foot forward for the inspector, and hopefully they will only identify very reasonable items.

If dealing with picky buyers and their (often ridiculous and unreasonable) repair requests is not what you are interested, call us at 205-390-1050 to discuss ways we could buy your house as-is.  We buy houses in the Birmingham Alabama area, so if you are interested in selling your house fast call or click at  We buy in any area, any condition, any price range, and in any situation.




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